Client: Delray Beach Film Festival
Logo for a new non-profit organization
in Delray Beach, FL.

Create an art logo that combines the
beauty and unique charms of Delray Beach,
with the culture and enjoyment of
independent films.

Client: Face of Autism
Logo for a new non-profit organization
based in Sarasota, FL.

Use an animal that represents kids, something soft yet strong. The butterfly shape includes silhouettes of children’s faces and hearts.

Client: Mahalo Salon & Spa
New logo for a salon & Spa based out
of Bonita Spring, FL.

Mahalo (“mah-hah-loh”), in the Hawaiian language, means gratitude, thanks and praise. The logo plays on the Hawaiian feel with an abstract of a sunrise/sunset combined with
a hibiscus, the state flower.

Client: TURN Publication
Logo design for new Golf Magazine
West Palm Beach, FL.

Art director/creative director for the magazine
for two years. Creating the logo, layout/pagination a 36-48 magazine and create ads within the magazine.

See links below to published magazines.
Chicago Edition

Brentwood Edition
Columbus Edition
Client: Citizens for Pets in Condos
Logo design for a Delray Beach, FL. based company that help keep pets home in condos.

A simple but sophisticated design that places animals within the shape of high-rise building.
Client: Madden | Bone Law Firm
Logo design for a new law firm Fort Myers, FL.

Combining the letters M and B together
with an abstract leaf.
Client: Cape Coral Community Foundation
Logo design for a Cape Coral, FL.

Using an abstract share that engagement dynamic community and the surrounding
natural environment.

Client: mensociety
Logo design for a mens and fashion magazine
in the West Palm Beach, FL.

Playing with the form of the letter M
and the man business suit/tie
Client: Aquadaul
Logo design for a swimsuit design
company in West Palm Beach, FL.

Playing with fonts to create contrast between “aqua” and “dual,” as well as the feel of water
via the stylized descender of the letter Q.

Client: Center City Pharmacy
Logo design for a local pharmacy in
West Palm Beach, FL.

The classic hospital icon was customized by
adding circles, with “RX” placed in the center.


Client: Riviera Beach Polo
Logo/Stationery design Riviera Beach Polo
in Riviera Beach, FL.

Using the elements of the area and the sport

Client: Seagull Business Consulting
Singer Island, FL.

Project: Logo and stationery design
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