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Good design is much more than a visual appeal. At is best, it is a problem-solving process that starts by defining goals, exploring alternative strategies, selecting the right one, implementing its, refining it and following it through production to a successful completion. An effective design must capture the essential features that set a company apart from its competitors and translate these into arresting visual forms and images. when this happens, the uniqueness of a company is captured in the uniqueness of a design. Thats the point at which good design begins to work.

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Client: TURN Publication a New for Golf Magazine, Delray Beach, FL.

Art director/creative director for the magazine for two years. Creating the logo,
layout/pagination a 36-48 magazine and create ads within the magazine.

Chicago Edition
| Brentwood Edition | Columbus Edition

Client: Delray Beach Film Festival
Printed material for a non-profit organization in Delray Beach, FL.

Projects: Design and layout of DBFF promotional and printed materials for the 2008-2010 festival.
Client: United States Virgin Islands Tourism
Print ads campaign for USVI Tourism Department

Concept: Design and layout of ads and other printed materials to promote the USVI.
2021 Ad was design during COVID-19

Client:The Palm Beach Steakhouse
Marketing for The Palm Beach Steakhouse in West Palm Beach, FL.

Concept: Design of ad and other printed material to The Palm Beach Steakhouse

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